Author Mentor Match: Round 6 — Work With Me!

I’m so excited to announce I’ve been chosen as a mentor for Author Mentor Match round six! (You can check out my mentor profile here.) Apply to work with me if your book has:

  • Lush writing! With magic!
  • Historical fantasy from any time, any place.
  • Not-so-nice protagonists we can’t help but love.
  • That perfect combination of atmosphere and fun.
  • Twisty twists that will shock me.
  • Romance. All the romance. As long as romance isn’t the primary plot.
  • If someone has written a story from the POV of Mary, Queen of Scots’s handmaidens (a la Reign) and there is magic, I want it.
  • Some variant of superheroes.
  • Witty characters. Witty ensemble casts? Even better.
  • Anxiety/OCD rep subplots/themes, although I don’t want any books focused on that exclusively.

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